Considered one of the most prestigious names in Italian shoe design, Andrea Carrano is the dream of La Dolce Vita against the reality of our everyday lives.

The  Andrea Carrano brand is our connection to what we think of when we think of “Made in Italy.”  We imagine the hands of craftspeople weaving, sewing, cutting and creating authentic pieces of clothes and accessories that connect us to them; to a legacy that has always been the very definition of luxury.

Andrea Carrano gives us access to this world through their iconic line of shoes which have been the chosen favorites of first the women of Rome, then the Hollywood royalty, followed by discerning women around the world who appreciate fashion, time honored styling and functionality.

A generational brand experience that is still relevant over fifty years since the first pair of  Andrea Carrano shoes walked the Via Veneto. Each shoe is created and made with a modern woman in mind; as her life has changed so has Andrea Carrano.   

Today the women who wears  Andrea Carrano may be dashing to the market in her “Baby” ballet flats or entering a board meeting in a pair of “Jessica” pumps. For the long awaited weekend she can’t wait to slip on her “Mocassino’s” for a relaxing weekend by the shore or tucked away in her second floor walk-up. Where she goes, whatever she does,Andrea Carrano is her shoe of choice and we think it should be yours too.